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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Peak Freaks Everest 2014 launch

Everest 2014' kick off is getting underway.  After 14 Everest and 24 years in the Himalayas, we've once again formed a dynamic team of Everest climbers, all of who have been with us before on previous climbs. Eight of ten are successful participants on our "Triple Crown" Everest Boot Camp also known as the "Everest Training Climb". The other two have been with us before on other climbs.

Everest, and in particular the ice-fall, is NOT the place to learn how to climb. We encourage all Peak Freaks Everest members to participate in a training climb before coming here. There is time, money and life at risk and we insist our climbers are as best prepared as possible to do it right the first time. 

Our 10 climbers are from around the world. Leading the expedition will be 2 western guides and 30+ Sherpa staff.  Peak Freaks is well known for our small ratio of climbers and high ratio of Sherpa climbing guides and western guides. SAFETY IN NUMBERS

We invite you to follow along to the top of the world. Blog starts April 1, 2014'


Tim & Becky Rippel and Team