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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Triple Crown 2014- Wrap Up

Peak Freaks "Everest Training- Triple Crown" Expedition wrap-up.  Successfully developing self-reliant climbers who do their work, carry the load and their success is not fully on the back of our Sherpa crew. The way it used to be- we are team!

We'll be adding comments here from our past participants to give anyone considering this trip an idea
on what members got out of it. Here's one that just came in.

"Tim (and Becky) - Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!  I will be thinking and talking about the Triple Crown for many years to come.  As I mentioned to Tim a few times out in our camps, I had no idea we would have the opportunity to learn so much about mountaineering on the trip. Tim was such a patient and thorough teacher - always willing to review and go over things one more time - no question of mine was too simple or too complicated for him - he always gave me all the time I needed and always was so courteous and thoughtful with his answers.  You really made it fun - thank you SO MUCH for all I learned - a complete bonus for me!

Beyond the teaching, the opportunity to climb three peaks in the Khumbu region and push myself a little farther up the “altitude curve” was a thrilling experience.  Our setting in a world renowned mountaineering area, the Sherpa culture, Tim’s inspirational spirit and good humor and the many friendships we made all added to make it an unbelievable experience.  I cannot thank you enough.

Please keep me on the list for future climbs!  Not sure Everest is in the cards, but there still are a lot of great mountains out there and I’d love to go back to EBC sometime during the climbing season again.  I hope we can remain in contact."

Best regards,
Craig (USA)

Tim & Becky,

I cannot express enough how happy I am to have signed up for the Triple Crown expedition with you guys. Not only did I get a great introduction to mountaineering, I had experiences that I will cherish my whole life. I met some incredible people on this adventure from whom I learnt so much and want to thank both of you for the opportunity. I hope to have another crazy adventure with Peak Freaks soon! 

Cheers and talk to you soon,

Hi Tim and Becky:

It's hard to believe that nearly 2 months have passed since our Peak Freaks adventure. I have finally melded back back into "everyday" life. For me, this was the adventure of a lifetime and I will always have incredible memories.  I joined the expedition expecting to make an attempt on three Himalayan peaks and left with so much more. The course itinerary states that the goal is to help develop self sufficient mountaineers. I finished with a level of skill and confidence that will serve me well in the mountains, but will also extend much further to everyday life.
Tim is an incredible leader and his passion for the mountains and desire to extend that passion to others was evident throughout the expedition. All I can say is that Peak Freaks does it right!. Thank you again for a world class experience. I hope that our paths will cross again soon,



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