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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tim pulls strings - Team in Kathmandu a day early!

The team made good time arriving in Lukla from Phakding today arriving at 11:30hrs NPT. Members began ordering their lunch and began to settle in for the night to prepare their hopeful scheduled flight to Kathmandu tomorrow, Tim disappears. He was determined to keep those faces smiling till he sees each them off on their international flights.

Tim was giggling on FaceTime telling me the story on how it all went down. Lukla airport manager came in the house they were staying at. He calls out "I'll take two", returns a while later, "I'll take one" one by one and two by two, they were all lifted to Kathmandu. Tim was now alone with all the food on the tables. He called in some porters and area workers to help him with that and just as he was paying the bill he gets summoned to get on the plane.

Tonight it was Rumdoodles restaurant for dinner and signing of the Yeti foot for the wall. Tim sent them all off to Tom and Jerry's, the local watering hole frequented by climbers, he asked to them to look around at some of the old Peak Freak paraphernalia from days gone by.

During our conversation I got tipped off that the team is preparing something special for this blogs  closing. I must say I'm looking very much forward to that post.

Stay tuned!
"Triple Crown Mountaineering Course"

Check this out!  An extremely rare clean shaven Tim, John Forestell's father Claire and sister Lindsay back in 2001. John was 8 then now 21 lifting a 90kg load at which Tim said just about knocked him over. No doubt!! Good fun...

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  1. Hey, Becky, I have really enjoyed reading your posts during this expedition. Learned stuff. Thanks.