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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Busy doing what we do

April 13, 2014

Since we arrived at EBC a few days back everyone has been busy doing what we do here this time of year.  Entertaining our trekkers, getting them close up to the ice-fall and taking time to instruct and practice skills with our Island Peak members.

Island Peak members Leslie Paulet and Tom Ireland both from Canada are now on their way. They will shoot for the summit on the 16th, it is very cold this week but then again they are Canadian. Ngima sent a text out to our home base saying they are in Dingboche and everyone is doing well.  They will move up to Island Peak camp tomorrow.

Myself and the Everest climbers headed off to Pumori C1- standard route- not the South Ridge route we used to access in our past Pumori expeditions. We had a good day and are back at base camp tonight.

We managed to dispatch a rash of photos today so you'll see those on my Facebook. If you're not yet a follower and want to see what we've been up to and the great food we are being served and more, have a look. Including a look at Kuntal Joshier's vegan plate. Desh Kumar,  our head cook surprises me every season with new ideas. 

Soon we'll be in position to start working in the ice-fall. Until then we are in no real hurry, just getting camp duties and filming underway while everyone gets adjusted to the altitude and life here. We have two filming projects we are working on this year along with a whole bunch of other shoots going on with other expeditions. Myself, Mingmar Salaka Sherpa, Sangye Sherpa and professional Mohan Bikram Shah, will all be packing small GoPros and point and shoot, nothing big like other large filmmakers here this season. 

Base Camp is generally pretty quiet right now. Many climbers are either delayed in the valley with late flights due weather or working on altitude gains on Lobuche and area.

Photos: Pumori C1 today and Kuntal's vegan plate

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