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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tension Growing on Everest

The press releases are starting to filter out now with various versions and perspectives of what's going on here so I felt it's important to make this statement now. 

As we suggested in a previous post the Sherpa guides are heating up, emotions are running wild and demands are being made to the government to share the wealth with the Sherpa people are on the table.

Now that there are more Sherpa operators today on Everest, they've come to learn just how much the government of Nepal makes in revenues from Everest expeditions and they are asking for a share. This is their time and under very unfortunate circumstances. 

There were three meetings yesterday with Sherpa guides and expedition leaders. Their 13 demands of the government are mostly thought to be reasonable and a few we feel may need more thought.  Western leaders including ourselves have been asked to help present the Sherpas demands to the government with and for them. In any case things are getting very complicated and there is a lot of tension here and it's growing. Safety of our members is always our number one priority. 

Peak Freaks is in support of the Sherpa people any which way it goes.  They are our family, our brothers and sisters and the muscle on Everest. We follow their lead, we are guests here.

Tim and Becky Rippel


  1. On behalf of our french group: we are very upset regarding the situation on Everest camp..
    and entirely support the Sherpa People.
    you are right it is time for them to defend their life....
    We especially are thinking about Mingmar Sala ka Sherpa, our guide we have known for a long time(8 years).This year is planning to come and visit our mountains in France.
    Tell him that we are waiting for him.he promised.
    Take care of him and all the Sherpas...Hope the government agree with them...
    We keep reading your blog for news..
    Fran├žoise Michel Yves Pierrette Jean louis

  2. Hi Tim & Becky; Sorry to hear about this tragedy. Good to know you are safe. Take care, Alan Norquay.

  3. Tim, CBC News Network would like to interview you. Could you please email your contact number to or call us at +1.416.205.6389.

  4. I hope Sherpas demands will be fulfilled.
    I'm really sad for the deaths.
    Keep safe