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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Island Peak Summits & Slumber on Kala Pattar

Congratulations out to Tom Ireland and Leslie Paulet (Canadians) for a successful summit with Ngmia Sherpa (Ang Nima Sherpa's son) from Khunde. They endured cold cold temperatures but pulled it off. They summited close to 09:00hrs this morning and are now sleeping in Pangboche.

Kevin, Jeroen, Henning, Christof, Kuntal and Torkel had a slumber party atop Kala Pattar last night and are all now back at base camp.

The Myanmar team with Mingmar Sherpa are in Pheriche where they had a fly in helicopter visit from their sponsors for a couple hours and are expected to be back at camp in the next day or two. 

Tomorrow Kevin and I will be taking the first team mentioned above out to get acquainted on the ladders and be ready to start working up to Camp 1 the next day.  A date has been set for the expeditions leaders meeting tomorrow at 10:00hrs so I'll catch up with the group after that. This is the meeting that we'll hash out who is going to do what in a group effort to make it all happen for everyone in getting on top safely, back down again and cleaning it up. 

The rope that will be fixed on the route by the Sherpa teams arrived today and has been cut into sections and bundled for the Sherpas to haul up by shared staff members. At the meeting it is expected that teams will bid a few Sherpas as carriers. There are some VERY large teams here and huge numbers of staff that many of us will be looking to ask they help pitch in and not leave it all for the usual teams who take care in this regard. There are also some VERY large pieces of film project pieces arriving by yak daily which is a bit concerning to the people that here with the sole purpose to climb.

Over and out

Kevin Farebrother photo: Our base camp location around the lake. The same lake that I filmed Kevin attempting to skate on that MUST be edited before release. 

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