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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Happy Nepali New Year

Nepali New Year – Thursday to Saturday, 10 to 19 April 2014

It's the year 2071 in Nepal right now. 

One of the most important dates on the Bikram Sambat is the Nepali New Year which roughly coincides with the arrival spring, usually in mid-April. The New Year is celebrated for 9 days, with the fifth day from the start of the festivities the actual public holiday. There are several rituals that are carried out in the course of the New Year, and they speak of the Nepali belief in the washing away of the old and in welcoming new beginnings. On the first day of Bikram Sambat, people take a bathing ritual in Hanumantay River to let all misfortunes and diseases of the coming year be carried away by the river. Be forewarned that Nepal is bathed in animal blood in the course of New Year festivities to appease the Hindu gods. A symbolic procession is also held around town, where the chariots of Bhairav and Bhadrakal (manifestations of Shiva and his consort) are purposely collided – in an event known as Bisket Jatra – to signify the union of male and female, and the birth of a new beginning symbolized by spring.

Photo of celebrations in Kathmandu

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