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Monday, 20 October 2014

Beacon Practice and Puja

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I was occupied this morning writing something that I feel is important and someone has to say it about the past tragic disaster in the Annapurnas.


Tim called in at 08:00hrs NPT to say they were all settling in for their Puja ceremony to receive their blessing, bless the foo and their equipment and to ask for safe passage. It's a fun time, interesting cakes piled high with expedition food are made, juniper is burned and lots of chanting. This signifies the beginning of the climbing part of their journey.

The trekkers are all doing well and were able to participate in the ritual before making their way back down the valley to begin the next leg of their journey- Everest Base Camp. After they left the team got into beacon practices and more hands on avalanche skills and other criteria including in this program to prepare them for the three peaks they will ascend.

Tim said the weather is outstanding, beautiful blue, clean and fresh skies. I would think the cyclone did a good job giving the air a good cleanse from pollution in the lower elevations.


They are all nestled in their tents by now and will get up early and begin they ascent up to high camp on Island Peak. They'll rest there then leave before the sun comes up, probably 3 or 4 in the morning and summit with a sunrise if all goes to plan or a bit thereafter.

All good news for our team. Healthy, happy and moving forward.

Stay tuned!
"Triple Crown Mountaineering Course"

 Peak Freaks Triple Crown 2013'
Photo: Kuntal Joisher

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