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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cell Tower Struck by Lightening

Dear followers,

 Sorry to say that the blog for this years Triple Crown are going to be short and sporadic. Ncell, the Nepalese cell service tower was struck by lightening three days ago in the Khumbu (Everest region). Being this part of the world one never knows when it will be up and running again. Back to the old way of doing things. Hit and miss signals on sat phones and living with "no news is good news". We'll try our best to get tidbits out when possible.

 Added to this are other obstacles keeping Nepal's army and workers extremely busy. This monsoon season an enormous amount of rain caused a landslide on the trade road between Tibet and Nepal early August. The slide blocked the Sun Koshi river; a major river running north to south creating a massive lake that threatened many villager lives below.

 Early September the lake breached in the middle of the night and washed away the Nepal Army excavators that were working to contain it. The flood didn't appear to be very large (thankfully) so no casualties were reported.

The Chinese have built a bridged access road for trucks only to keep the trade going but travellers are required to take a six hour detour to get around it.

 Weather?  Tim tells me that the snow line is low as result of the cyclone and current temperatures, but expects daytime warming will likely melt quite a bit of it making easy travel for the team. Then our connection got cut off.......

 Stay tuned! Becky
Triple Crown Expedition

 Photo: Sun Koshi - Friendship Highway landslide - August, 2014

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