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Friday, 24 October 2014

SUMMIT SUCCESS Pokalde 5806m

Tim just called in from the summit with the entire team at approximately 10:00hrs NPT.

Everyone is cheering!!!!!!!    He said there wasn't much room on the summit for all of them but they're squeezed in tight to for photos that we'll hopefully see sometime soon.

He said its been a great climb and they are all having so much fun. They are on their way down now to celebrate and then tomorrow make a move on over the Lobuche East, the final climb of the three peaks.

Congratulations team!!!

"Triple Crown Mountaineering Course"

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  1. Well done team especially all those previously struck down by the Khumbu belly trots. Good luck on Lobuche East and remember to respect those mountains! Big thank you as well to all the Sherpas.