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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The "BOOT" in Boot Camp

Everyone had a great dinner and sleep last night post Island Peak summit push. Unfortunately a few
people had a run in with a gastro infection that's very common in the this part of the world. It's thought to have been picked up somewhere in the valley in one of the lodges. Dang!! as hard as we try to keep it at bay it's just so hard to control in this part of the world. We had success last season asking everyone to bring their own mug and clean it themselves instead of using the lodges cups but that didn't seem to work this time.  The good news is that it's passing through those infected quickly as everyone has recovered and is on for Pokalde. A few struggled yesterday on the summit push and only one person is calling it a climb and heading home today.

Climbing Island Peak is typically the "Boot" in our Boot Camp, usually we lose a few after the first climb to 6189m (20,305ft) but the team is holding strong and moving forward.

The team was having breakfast when Tim checked in just now at 06:50hrs (NPT). Camp was being unassembled around them and once they're done eating they'll be on their way to Pokalde, the second objective on this expedition.

Their plan is take the Kongma La pass at 5200m instead of retreating back down to Dingboche. A
few days ago when Tim checked it was plugged with snow and ice from the cyclone spin off but it appears to be all good to go now so they're going for it and will be checking into Pokalde base camp at about 14:00hrs (NPT).  They'll probably rest a day, work on more climbing skills and then head up to high camp and summit early morning the next day. I'll keep you posted with the plan as they proceed.


Bright sunshine, t-shirts and sunscreen.

So there ya have it!

"Triple Crown Mountaineering Course"

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